Yoga Event Agency Amsterdam

We love bringing your yoga tribe together. For us, it’s creating LIVE magic!
Because:  ‘Online is great, in person is magic’.

' people attending the yoga event feel supported and connected. Julia & Brechje go out of there way to care for the participants their wellbeing as well as my wellbeing. They always find a magical place for me and my family to stay in when visiting Amsterdam. They have so much eye for details.
With them taking care of organizing I can stay focused on teaching my yoga students, which makes the quality of teaching just better. And yes, nothing beats a live connection!' 
- Lesley Fightmaser- 

Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga instructor, Fightmaster Yoga

Seaze the Day yoga events like to go above and beyond for our yoga teachers.
Find out what the (S) eaze magic touch is by watching the film below of the magical 2-day yoga masterclass that we hosted for the ever so inspiring Lesley Fightmaster! 

Are you ready to say yes to a carefree day or days of yoga with your yoga tribe? Just drop us an email and we will tell you how we work 🙂

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