Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

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Name: Lesley Fightmaster

Hometown: Orange County – California

Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga

What is meditation?

And why is it so good for you? Many people find it woolly or even scary. Meditation is nothing more than consciously bringing your attention inward. That’s it. Maybe this is explaining it too simple , especially for beginners. But there really is something like an indoor-outdoor world. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts all take place in your ‘ inside world ‘. Like intuition for example. It’s what happens on the inside you give you conscious attention during meditation.

There are several meditation techniques. There are concentration meditations, Insight Meditations, and meditations that focus on a specific target. Combinations between these three forms exist as well. To start with meditation, keep it simple. You can sit in a chair, on a cushion on the floor, or lying down is fine too. Make sure you are in a comfortable room, the temperature and odor feel pleasant, and there is not too much noise around you. This all helps to focus on the inside. Helpful is set your alarm clock (use your smartphone for instance). Three minutes is good start. And then…. just start breathing, close your eyes and if you want to put your hands in your lap. Try to observe and let go without judgement. Just be spectator of what is going on in your mind. You don’t have to stop thoughts that come to mind.
You will notice that by the time the alarm goes off, you feel calm, relaxed and you are breathing at a relaxing pace as well. 

Please do have a look in the mirror. Most likely you will see above you have a look in your eyes that resembles piece within.
All these benefits in such a short time. Careful, the feeling becomes addictive ;-).

Some benefits of meditation:

-It provides better focus, concentration, and clarity;

-It enhances creativity and joy;

-It increases your self-esteem and confidence;

-It improves your emotional balance;

-it brings you into contact with your core being;

-it promotes a good night’s sleep;

-it illuminates and prevents tension and stress.

‘ No judgments, just be a spectator of what is going on inside your mind ‘.

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5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

What is the difference between a normal yoga class and a yoga masterclass?

First of all, time. A regular yoga class lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and a yoga master class lasts longer. From half a day to even a few days. But what more to expect?

Below we explain why it’s nice to immerse yourself in a masterclass in yoga practice and more ….

1. In-depth yoga practice

In a Yoga Masterclass, the yoga postures are broken down very thorough in the classroom. And its deeper meaning is explained. The beauty of this in-depth training is that you will experience this the purpose of the postures in your body. The words, the routine you might expect, will feel different. Which will change your own practice and its significance.

2. Longer Practice

As stated in the intro, a master class lasts longer. You will, therefore, have more time to learn the postures. But also to find out more about it. The ‘ moment of truth ‘ is much longer. And you can, as it were, completely sink into the practice. Often, after taking a regular yoga class you have to go away because you have other obligations. You might be on the way to your next appointment or your work. In a masterclass, there is simply… more time. A regular class takes 60 to 90 minutes and a masterclass is usually 3 hours or even longer.


3. Inspiration

Because of the time, the theme and space there are for just you as a human being, you literally get the feeling of a retreat. To immerse yourself in a certain theme (of the masterclass). The background information and the yoga postures that you practice. One great source of inspiration. And don’t just think of ‘ yoga on the mat ‘, but especially ‘ yoga off the mat ‘. The real Yoga practice starts when you get off the mat. It is important to have full attention. To be fully aware. So you have the time to incorporate everything that comes by during the masterclass and take it in like a sponge. And especially to let go and relax. You will feel reborn. Powerful, full of renewed energy and ideas.

4. Community Feeling

The great thing about a masterclass is that everyone attending has consciously chosen to be there. The so-called 3 T’s: Teacher, Time and Theme). The people who are there, in any case, share this with each other. You will get to know new people who experience the same as you, the sense of practicing yoga together. That sense of being together. And practicing yoga together at this level gives a sense of belonging and community-feeling. Everyone ultimately wants to feel connected-whether you are introverted or extroverted.


‘ Everyone wants to feel connected-whether you’re introverted or extroverted-in the end ‘

5. Connect with your favorite Teacher

In the case of our motto: ‘ Online is great, in person is Magic ‘, it is of course great to meet your online yoga teacher in the flesh. The vibes you normally get through the screen will now be real. As if you were going to a concert of your favorite artist, but more interactive. The teacher is the person who may have been ‘ taking you by the hand ‘ for many months through a variety of yoga practices. Your coach, therapist, in what might have been difficult times.

Always returning to your mat and the online lessons of your favorite yoga teacher. The experiences of yogis who have felt this at a Seaze the Day Yoga Event are praising and enthusiastic. There is something magical to practicing yoga together with your favorite yoga teacher and yogis.

‘ The Energy and interaction is overwhelming ‘!


7 Benefits of Yin Yoga

7 Benefits of Yin Yoga


Are you racing through life? From to-do list to your work, household, and also keep track of a busy social life. You often have little energy at the end of the day. You never seem to feel rested. In addition, an ‘ old injury ‘ is playing up, for which you actually have “no time”. Maybe you would have to go to a Yin YogaLesson? In This lesson Yoga poses are held for a longer period of time. It is a yoga form that is not perceived as dynamic and active. But certainly it is effective, when it comes to (learning) relaxing of body and mind. Yin Yoga has many advantages

Below you will find 7 examples.

Yin Yoga:

  • Soothes and balances body and mind
  • Works stress-lowering
  • Increases (blood) circulation in the body
  • Improves your flexibility and raises blockages
  • loosens connective tissue
  • Improves the mobility of your joints
  • Improves the balance of your organs, breathing and allows your energy to flow again

What is Yin yoga anyway?

Yin Yoga is a yoga style that is slower, less dynamic than, for example, the more active forms like Ashtanga or Vinyasa. The yoga postures in a Yin yoga class-or also called Asanas-are held for longer periods of time. Between one and five minutes. For beginners, this can be shorter than 1 minute and for advanced practitioners longer than five minutes. By holding the yoga postures more and more, you exert pressure on the connective tissue in your body-the tendons, fascia and ligaments-which increases the circulation in your joints and, of course, improves your flexibility. Yin Yoga aims to make you aware of your inner silence and to understand the ‘ everything is one ‘ principle, in other words; Everything is connected. The principle of Yin Yoga was founded in the Seventies by Paulie Zink. A martial arts expert and also Taoïstisch yoga teacher. He brought this gentle yoga style to the west. Important Western ‘ yin Yoga teachers ‘ Paul Grilley and Sarah powers strengthened the yin movement, through their inspiring lessons. Both are still active and champion of this form. They see this style especially as a full complement to the more active forms of yoga.

Yin Yoga is really for everyone

For whom is Yin yoga

Jokingly it is also said that Yin Yoga is a yoga form for ‘ lazy people ‘. That is of course not true. Yin Yoga is really for everyone. Whether you’re working full-time, running marathons or retired. However, Yin Yoga can be confrontational. Feelings and emotions suddenly reveal themselves. For example, unprocessed emotions or old injury-suffering can be brought to light. Listening to your body and setting your limits is very important. At the same time, the longer holding of the yoga postures is very healing, cleansing and relaxing. And it gives your body and mind the message you are more than; Your work, study, mortgage. And just as with meditation, the stillness and tranquility can give you answers to important questions or issues, and works this practice-proven-stress reduction and brings you in balance again. So treat yourself to this warming, relaxing and gentle yoga style, where you are at the helm and decide which way you go.