Without labels, with YOGA

Without labels, with YOGA

What are they actually, labels? Maybe you immediately thought of the nasty things in the back of your blouse or jacket. The ones You-if you are a sensitive type-immediately cutout of the blouse. No those labels are not the ones i am talking about. It’s about the kind of labels that you get ‘ stuck ‘ with from childhood by the people around you. Without you having a say on the matter. Think of your hair color, your ancestry, your freckles, your work, your name. Nice example; Someone hears you are doing yoga. Often one responds with: ‘ You have to be very nimble to practice yoga ‘. Or: ‘ You’re always in balance ‘.

No. Is the answer to both assumptions. People have the natural tendency, to put other people on the basis of externalities, work and other things in a box. To put labels on a person. And Often people derive their identity from these labels. But what if you remove those labels of hair color, work, nationality. What is left?

Who Are you?

The expectation

To these named labels expectations are attached. So the judgment and expectation are there sooner rather than the experience. Do you follow? In other words; Even before you get a chance to open your mouth and say something, others, think, they know who you are and what you stand for. This is of course very black and white, but it is what it comes down to. Minded * ck! And Yes, very often people are going to live according to their ‘ imposed profile ‘. What eventually does not serve you, because how long can you sustain this, right? Similar to, for example, someone who does not what to admit to his/her sexual orientation, because of shame, taboos, the consequences.

What to do?

What is very important is that we mainly keep an open mind. A spirit that is mindful and awake. To be Aware of the fact that we do not judge people directly based on the labels they claim, but also do not judge/label people, using the summary information we have. Sometimes it’s very easy to do that. Especially when it comes to people we might not understand. How often do you see this happening in your environment or, for example, in politics?

1. Choose labels you feel comfortable with

You can philosophilosophize endlessly about this. Most Important is to look for things that really suit you. That touch your core. To be You. For example, This could be three words. You can write them down to remember. To leave a print in your subconscious mind.

2. Realize that labels mean different things

What suits you with a particular label does not have to be the same for another person. Try to omit expectations. And, when it comes to work and/or a relationship. Communicate clearly with each other. And come to an agreement about these expectations.

‘ Very often people are living their ‘ imposed ‘ profile.

4. you bént not your label (s)

It has been said before in the intro. This, of course, remains a tricky one. What do you mean ‘ I am ‘ yoga teacher’. You identify yourself with your profession. Yes that’s right. It’s your profession and passion. But you don’t have to identify with it. You’re not only a yoga teacher. You are also all other ‘ things ‘: girlfriend, partner, mother, music lover, fan of Metallica. You Name it.

5. Let people hear ‘ your story ‘

And here you can fill in your heart’s desire. Outside the box. Show yourself to others, but to yourself as well. When You are honest and transparent to yourself, you radiate this to the outside world. And you make conscious choices that are mindful. Impossibility’s changing into possibilities. Because: Previously, you would have put everything in a certain ‘ not-possible-box ‘. And this is exactly what yoga and mindfulness are about. Make room in body and mind. To unleash ingrained views, judgments. Free to think and feel. So that you can cope more freely to what life has to offer for you. And to keep, just like children-that open gaze, for yourself and to others.