Why Yoga CORE training is important

Why Yoga CORE training is important

Training your core. What does this actually mean? And why is ‘ training your core ‘ really important?
Athletes, sports instructors or fitness fanatics talk about it all the time. They say your core is a group of muscles and it as a very important group of muscles to train. Located in ‘ your center ‘. Spread over your abdomen, buttocks and lower back. These important muscles give your body stability. And in yoga, that’s essential. In Yoga Practice You can find many exercises and poses that strengthen your core. But also outside of your yoga practice, your core training is not a superfluous luxury 😉

I am writing this blog is to emphasize the importance of giving attention to this muscle group. It is the so-called basis, in your personal yoga practice.

1. Why is core training important?

  • Your body posture improves because you create a kind of harness as it were. Which provides protection to the intestines and vertebral column;
  • Your body is better balanced. You can literally take a punch. How often do you hear that someone heart their back or is injured by just a simple thing as tripping over something? Core improves your balance, therefore you are able to cope with an imbalance such as tripping over someting;
  • You can prevent injuries. Injury prevention is very valuable. Prevention is better than cure, right!;
  • Your digestion improves by a firm and strong core.



2. A couple of exercises you could do ?
Yoga poses

1. Bridge pose: With this pose, you lie on your back and bring your hips up.

2. All Fours: On hands and knees, lift your opposite arm/leg up.

3. Boat pose: Sit on your sitting bones preferably on a yoga mat. Bring both legs stretched (or slightly bent) out. Upper body halfway up and arms stretched out >parallel to the ground.

1. Plank pose: Start on hands and knees. Bent your arms, elbows on touch the mat. Straighten your legs. Put your feet hip width, stay on the ball of your feet and push your body up, not too high. Point your nose towards the mat.

2. Mountain climbers: This pose resembles plank pose. Only it’s dynamic. Alternately pull your left/right knee in the direction of your chest. You can do it slowly, but you can also increase the tempo.

3. Superman pose: Ly on your belly (preferably on a yoga mat), arms above your head, bring both arms straight and past your ears. After which you then stretch your legs off the floor. You can also do this exercise by lifting the opposite arm/leg. This pose also occurs in yoga, namely: Vipareet Naukasana or: Reverse boat pose.

‘ This Important Muscles Give you Body stability ‘

2. The myth

Two million people in the Netherlands suffer from back/neck problems! That’s a lot of people, right?!
In many cases, suffering is caused by a lack of movement. It is often claimed that in the case of back pain, the abdominal muscles should be trained more. This is not only the case. Further more. When back problems arise, this often means that the back muscles are weakened, for example by sitting for many hours: office work, driving, you name it.

But also hypermobility. If you are a person that is hyper-mobile, your ligaments and tendons are too flexible. Therefore, your joints do not get enough support and become too mobile. Hypermobility is a common condition for dancers and yogis. By making the back core muscles stronger, the overall posture will improve. Think of poses such as Bridge pose and Superman pose. And will reduce the back problems and maybe the may even disappear.

And yes, abdominal muscles training is still a good idea. But is certainly not the only solution for a back problem you now know 🙂