Interview with Laura Burkhart

‘Sparkling personality. Does not believe in long complicated practices anymore. Every day is a different day, go with the flow’
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Name: Laura Burkhart

Residence: San Francisco – US

Yoga style: Fluid meditative Vinyasa

Online: Grokker, Yoga Vibes, My Yoga Work

How do you spice up your life?

I am sort of a workaholic, but in a healthy way nowadays. I used to be a workaholic in a very unhealthy way. I have been working 7 days a week for a long time. I found out that it was about owning my life and my yoga practice. My practice has changed over the years. I think it is ‘older and wiser’. I can listen much better to what my body and mind need at that moment. It is really about a change of focus. Really listening to my body. Some 10-15 years ago everything was much more physical in my practice. And when I had to deal with injuries, that changed. What did my body and mind need? That was tuning in. Being in tune with my body. Today my yoga practice consists of a much more simple content. I used to put a lot of effort into yoga practice and teachings by adding interesting additions and choreography. But now I can truly enjoy the simplicity of a block supporting bridge pose. Which really feels fantastic! In my personal life, I like to take long walks. It really unwinds and sometimes during those walks, I come up with ideas for myself but also for others. It is both relaxing and creative at the same time. It is one of my favorite things to do. And walking beside the ocean is also something I love to do. The sound of the ocean is so calming and meditative. And that is also the case with swimming. I really like swimming. It is like moving meditation. I always find out I should swim more often because I like it so much J. I also get really excited about being busy with new projects. Because of my creative background, I like to create things, but also for others. Working together without competition is so meaningful. And last but not least, meeting/catching up with friends is also what I love to do!



When did you really need yoga?

It started with a few lessons because I suffered from stress and stomach/colon problems. I missed dancing and the movement, due to my dancers’ background. Yoga combined the movement ánd deeply breathing. It really helped me in dealing with my issues. As a result, I felt clarity, space, and peace. Peace of mind more importantly. I followed five internships and when I reached the fifth: a PR marketing position, I started volunteering in India. When I came back really ill I switched to fully commit to yoga. Meanwhile, transforming from a student to a yoga teacher, I started working with Jason Crandell. It is so inspiring working together with him. The people I attract in my classes love to have fun and work hard. Yoga is such a natural and healthy way of dealing with stress. A very common fact in our society, because of the high expectations. Going to a yoga retreat is also a fun vacation but in a healthy way. Guiding people in a fluid yoga practice is what I love to do most. Music plays a big part in this as well. The combination is magical.


What advice would you give to people?

Society plays a very big role in our behavior. What you should and should not do. You can say that I am an advocate for removing layers. Start with that. Who are you really from the inside? Start peeling away and see who you really are. And connect with it. Be authentic. Go to that fire inside of you. What moves you? Instead of denying, start feeling from the inside out. Connect with your inner fire. We all have a talent. It is so important to start to identify. You can help yourself and others with your talent. Think big. However, you will have to believe in it. Be clear in what you believe and what you are wishing for. We all want something different. Help yourself, but also ‘How can I help others’. Am I good to myself, am I a good friend, am I a good partner, mother, sister.. and so on. Life is too short. Nothing else matters.

Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of our hearts!


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