Interview with Ulrica Norberg

Interview with Ulrica Norberg

Interview with Ulrica Norberg

‘Yoga Master Ulrica Norberg has always been a creative researcher and thinker. She always searched for ways to develop her body, mind and soul.’
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Name: Ulrica Norberg

Residence: Stockholm  – Denmark

Yoga style: Yin yoga and the Ishta Yoga

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1. What do you like best about teaching yoga?

I like best about teaching that I get to connect with others in spirituality and together grow as a whole in a setting where we all can let down the guard, grow and evolve. Teaching yoga makes me inspired to live with intention. To practice yoga inspires me to continue to evolve and grow each day of my living.

2. When did you really need yoga?

My yoga and meditation practice has helped me grow as a human being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which has given me a more solid foundation to stand upon and also to turn to in time of need. Yoga doesn’t make us immune against life. However, it can help us to not identify ourselves with the outcomes of situations. Sometimes things happen. And you deal with it. Over time, yoga has strengthened my moral compass and also my calm and connection to wisdom. So I have to say that it has been something to lean on in time of need.

3. If you could teach people one thing about yoga, what would it be?

That the breath is the path to inner peace, strength, and wisdom. To breathe more mindfully and to own their breaths in order to live a fuller life.

4. What advice would you give to people?

To not look for themselves outside of themselves. You are already complete. The yogic tools if applied correctly will teach you how to navigate back to your own inner source.

5. What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to keep loving, writing and daring to create more.

6. What will people gain from attending your Yoga weekend this June 1-2 in           Amsterdam?

Insight, inspiration, delight, thoughtful practices, teaching experience from almost 30 years of teaching.  I don’t care much about rigidity nor ignorance when it comes to practice. I wish to invite more curiosity, insight, joy, serenity, and playfulness into my students’ practice and life. 


Thank you, Ulrica, from the bottoms of our hearts!❤️


Julia and Brechje 🙏