7 Benefits of Yin Yoga

7 Benefits of Yin Yoga


Are you racing through life? From to-do list to your work, household, and also keep track of a busy social life. You often have little energy at the end of the day. You never seem to feel rested. In addition, an ‘ old injury ‘ is playing up, for which you actually have “no time”. Maybe you would have to go to a Yin YogaLesson? In This lesson Yoga poses are held for a longer period of time. It is a yoga form that is not perceived as dynamic and active. But certainly it is effective, when it comes to (learning) relaxing of body and mind. Yin Yoga has many advantages

Below you will find 7 examples.

Yin Yoga:

  • Soothes and balances body and mind
  • Works stress-lowering
  • Increases (blood) circulation in the body
  • Improves your flexibility and raises blockages
  • loosens connective tissue
  • Improves the mobility of your joints
  • Improves the balance of your organs, breathing and allows your energy to flow again

What is Yin yoga anyway?

Yin Yoga is a yoga style that is slower, less dynamic than, for example, the more active forms like Ashtanga or Vinyasa. The yoga postures in a Yin yoga class-or also called Asanas-are held for longer periods of time. Between one and five minutes. For beginners, this can be shorter than 1 minute and for advanced practitioners longer than five minutes. By holding the yoga postures more and more, you exert pressure on the connective tissue in your body-the tendons, fascia and ligaments-which increases the circulation in your joints and, of course, improves your flexibility. Yin Yoga aims to make you aware of your inner silence and to understand the ‘ everything is one ‘ principle, in other words; Everything is connected. The principle of Yin Yoga was founded in the Seventies by Paulie Zink. A martial arts expert and also Taoïstisch yoga teacher. He brought this gentle yoga style to the west. Important Western ‘ yin Yoga teachers ‘ Paul Grilley and Sarah powers strengthened the yin movement, through their inspiring lessons. Both are still active and champion of this form. They see this style especially as a full complement to the more active forms of yoga.

Yin Yoga is really for everyone

For whom is Yin yoga

Jokingly it is also said that Yin Yoga is a yoga form for ‘ lazy people ‘. That is of course not true. Yin Yoga is really for everyone. Whether you’re working full-time, running marathons or retired. However, Yin Yoga can be confrontational. Feelings and emotions suddenly reveal themselves. For example, unprocessed emotions or old injury-suffering can be brought to light. Listening to your body and setting your limits is very important. At the same time, the longer holding of the yoga postures is very healing, cleansing and relaxing. And it gives your body and mind the message you are more than; Your work, study, mortgage. And just as with meditation, the stillness and tranquility can give you answers to important questions or issues, and works this practice-proven-stress reduction and brings you in balance again. So treat yourself to this warming, relaxing and gentle yoga style, where you are at the helm and decide which way you go.

From action addiction to Mindfulness and Yoga

From action addiction to Mindfulness and Yoga

We all do it. Every day. At work. At home. In the kitchen. In a traffic jam. In bed …You would probably think it is about ‘breathing’. Well, that is not what I am talking about.

It is about being active on the internet, on your smartphone, laptop, tablet … Day-in-day-out; booking a holiday, searching for a new couch, a recipe for shortbread dough, shoes for the children, new blinds, “just” answering a business mail. It is called Action Addiction.

Action addiction

The internet is fast. It is all happening with one click at the button. The purchase has been made, the information need has been met, the problem has been resolved. Yet the need to solve something quickly pops up again. Addicted to the action itself and to the need to complete something. And when that is “dissolved”, a substance is released in our brains, called dopamine. Dopamine is a substance that belongs to the reward system of the brain. And ensures that we feel satisfied and rewarded. Therefore, we repeat this process so more dopamine is produced in the brain. As a result this makes us feel good. And we want to experience this more often and come into a vicious circle. And with that comes the word “action addiction“.

Turn the tide

We live in a time when we can no longer live without it. Or it seems like that. Recently I had to deal with an electricity failure at home for several hours. No light, electricity, two smartphones with low battery. What now? It actually went very well. It was already dark outside, without the street lights lighting up. Magic. With all candles and flashlights we found we lit up the living room. Because it was New Year’s Eve, we already had the traditional ‘oliebollen’ in the house. Fireplace on. And therefore we had enough food in the house anyway … So “surviving” was no problem at all. It was so nice to feel and experience the ease of having no electricity. We played a board game instead of a Wii game. The children found it all very exciting. Since there was no electricity. Life was fun after all. And it was much more relaxed, without the continuous flow of digital stimuli. Back to basics. PEACE. ‘Go with the flow’. For a moment only dealing with stimuli of a natural kind.

Mindfulness and Yoga

But in fact, that is kind of “cheating”. The ‘being shut off’ of all digital stimuli, when it is already a fact. How does it work when we are in the middle of it? How do we ensure that we do not get carried away in the constant flow of information. Mindfulness brings awareness. When it comes to not giving in to the action addiction, it is important that you get a number of points at a glance:

-Place clear goals that help you to be more focused. Mindfulness helps you realize your goals with more focus and awareness.

Unconscious processes can stand in the way of achieving your goals. By being aware of it, these processes can help you.

Blind focus is something different than combining focus with consciousness. By blindly focusing you lose sight of everything else (consciousness …). And as a result you lose effectiveness.

-It is important that you write down important goals in your work and in your personal life. Formulate them in detail and therefore you positively increase the chances of success.

Finally, yoga helps you to live more in balance. Especially in times of stress, lack of exercise and digital distraction. Disconnect. It helps to harmonize the emotional, mental and emotional aspects of life. Added to that and the list is long.. Yoga will make you a stronger person. Both mentally and physically. It will also improve your circulatory, immunity, fitness. The meaning of life (this might sound heavy) will get to you. And from there you can start releasing turmoil to leading a fulfilling life. Of course this is the ultimate goal. While daily life throws a lot at us it can be hard to stay balanced. But to be conscious every day only for a couple of hours..It’s a start 😉