Feel balanced with a yoga practice at home.

Feel balanced with a yoga practice at home.

Have you experienced practicing yoga at home already or do you prefer to go to the studio? Now that there are more and more opportunities to receive a good yoga class from a professional yoga teacher via yoga channels and yoga apps, the step towards a yoga practice at home is getting more likely. You are in the comfort of your own home, there are no hordes of people around you and you can dress up space where you are just the way you like it. Candles, music, whose smoke, whatever you feel like. But how do you make full use of your practice and keep at it? Here are 5 tips!

1. Setting goals

It’s always good to go all the way back to where your yoga journey started, why do you practice yoga? What do you want to achieve? Write down your goals! Preferably use pen and paper so you really dwell on what you write down and store it in your memory at the same time. Research has shown that making your goals visual make you more inclined to actually achieve them. So get started with Pinterest or with magazines and make your mood board!

2. Not practicing yoga yet

If you have no experience with yoga then it is advisable to read books on the different kind of yoga styles, because there are many yoga styles. From very calm styles such as Yin Yoga to dynamic styles like Power Yoga. If your goal is to work on feeling more relaxed and stretching your muscles well, then Yin Yoga is a very good style. Do you like a more dynamic kind of approach and work on a strong core? Then Power Yoga might be your style. If you have read about the different styles of yoga you have two ways to choose from. Search through YouTube channels or an app for videos with instructions for beginners or a trial lesson in a gym, book yoga studio or visit a yoga masterclass.

The advantage of the last way is that you can seek advice and ask questions by the special attention you receive from the yoga teacher during a yoga masterclass, so that you can create a safe basis.

What do you want to achieve? Write down your goals!

3. Environment
Choose a quiet space so that you can finish your yoga practice and not be disturbed. Try to keep your environment tidy and choose an appropriate mat. Influences the ambiance with music, candles, dimmed light, temperature, and gems. When choosing your yoga mat take into account your yoga style (dynamic or slow movements), your level of practice and your personal wishes and needs. As a novice yogi, a sticky yoga mat can be the right way to go. A sticky mat prevents you from slipping and you, therefore, are able to perform your exercises in a complete certainty.

4. Build
up when would you like to build your sessions and how often? It is wonderful to start your day with a yoga practice. This helps your blood flowing and the morning stiffness is replaced by energy. It also brings you in a good mood right away. Good start of the day! If you have had a busy day it can also be wonderful to end your day with a relaxing session, it is just what you need.

5. Maintaining your practice
Once you are in the rhythm of practicing yoga at home, it is important to keep yourself from slacking. Regularly look at the goals you have written down and see if you’re still on the right track. Continue to develop yourself by trying new things, reading new information or exchanging yoga style. It is, of course, most important that you get merry from your yoga sessions, so keep on smiling and celebrate every success however small it might seem!

Why Yoga CORE training is important

Why Yoga CORE training is important

Training your core. What does this actually mean? And why is ‘ training your core ‘ really important?
Athletes, sports instructors or fitness fanatics talk about it all the time. They say your core is a group of muscles and it as a very important group of muscles to train. Located in ‘ your center ‘. Spread over your abdomen, buttocks and lower back. These important muscles give your body stability. And in yoga, that’s essential. In Yoga Practice You can find many exercises and poses that strengthen your core. But also outside of your yoga practice, your core training is not a superfluous luxury 😉

I am writing this blog is to emphasize the importance of giving attention to this muscle group. It is the so-called basis, in your personal yoga practice.

1. Why is core training important?

  • Your body posture improves because you create a kind of harness as it were. Which provides protection to the intestines and vertebral column;
  • Your body is better balanced. You can literally take a punch. How often do you hear that someone heart their back or is injured by just a simple thing as tripping over something? Core improves your balance, therefore you are able to cope with an imbalance such as tripping over someting;
  • You can prevent injuries. Injury prevention is very valuable. Prevention is better than cure, right!;
  • Your digestion improves by a firm and strong core.



2. A couple of exercises you could do ?
Yoga poses

1. Bridge pose: With this pose, you lie on your back and bring your hips up.

2. All Fours: On hands and knees, lift your opposite arm/leg up.

3. Boat pose: Sit on your sitting bones preferably on a yoga mat. Bring both legs stretched (or slightly bent) out. Upper body halfway up and arms stretched out >parallel to the ground.

1. Plank pose: Start on hands and knees. Bent your arms, elbows on touch the mat. Straighten your legs. Put your feet hip width, stay on the ball of your feet and push your body up, not too high. Point your nose towards the mat.

2. Mountain climbers: This pose resembles plank pose. Only it’s dynamic. Alternately pull your left/right knee in the direction of your chest. You can do it slowly, but you can also increase the tempo.

3. Superman pose: Ly on your belly (preferably on a yoga mat), arms above your head, bring both arms straight and past your ears. After which you then stretch your legs off the floor. You can also do this exercise by lifting the opposite arm/leg. This pose also occurs in yoga, namely: Vipareet Naukasana or: Reverse boat pose.

‘ This Important Muscles Give you Body stability ‘

2. The myth

Two million people in the Netherlands suffer from back/neck problems! That’s a lot of people, right?!
In many cases, suffering is caused by a lack of movement. It is often claimed that in the case of back pain, the abdominal muscles should be trained more. This is not only the case. Further more. When back problems arise, this often means that the back muscles are weakened, for example by sitting for many hours: office work, driving, you name it.

But also hypermobility. If you are a person that is hyper-mobile, your ligaments and tendons are too flexible. Therefore, your joints do not get enough support and become too mobile. Hypermobility is a common condition for dancers and yogis. By making the back core muscles stronger, the overall posture will improve. Think of poses such as Bridge pose and Superman pose. And will reduce the back problems and maybe the may even disappear.

And yes, abdominal muscles training is still a good idea. But is certainly not the only solution for a back problem you now know 🙂 

5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

What is the difference between a normal yoga class and a yoga masterclass?

First of all, time. A regular yoga class lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and a yoga master class lasts longer. From half a day to even a few days. But what more to expect?

Below we explain why it’s nice to immerse yourself in a masterclass in yoga practice and more ….

1. In-depth yoga practice

In a Yoga Masterclass, the yoga postures are broken down very thorough in the classroom. And its deeper meaning is explained. The beauty of this in-depth training is that you will experience this the purpose of the postures in your body. The words, the routine you might expect, will feel different. Which will change your own practice and its significance.

2. Longer Practice

As stated in the intro, a master class lasts longer. You will, therefore, have more time to learn the postures. But also to find out more about it. The ‘ moment of truth ‘ is much longer. And you can, as it were, completely sink into the practice. Often, after taking a regular yoga class you have to go away because you have other obligations. You might be on the way to your next appointment or your work. In a masterclass, there is simply… more time. A regular class takes 60 to 90 minutes and a masterclass is usually 3 hours or even longer.


3. Inspiration

Because of the time, the theme and space there are for just you as a human being, you literally get the feeling of a retreat. To immerse yourself in a certain theme (of the masterclass). The background information and the yoga postures that you practice. One great source of inspiration. And don’t just think of ‘ yoga on the mat ‘, but especially ‘ yoga off the mat ‘. The real Yoga practice starts when you get off the mat. It is important to have full attention. To be fully aware. So you have the time to incorporate everything that comes by during the masterclass and take it in like a sponge. And especially to let go and relax. You will feel reborn. Powerful, full of renewed energy and ideas.

4. Community Feeling

The great thing about a masterclass is that everyone attending has consciously chosen to be there. The so-called 3 T’s: Teacher, Time and Theme). The people who are there, in any case, share this with each other. You will get to know new people who experience the same as you, the sense of practicing yoga together. That sense of being together. And practicing yoga together at this level gives a sense of belonging and community-feeling. Everyone ultimately wants to feel connected-whether you are introverted or extroverted.


‘ Everyone wants to feel connected-whether you’re introverted or extroverted-in the end ‘

5. Connect with your favorite Teacher

In the case of our motto: ‘ Online is great, in person is Magic ‘, it is of course great to meet your online yoga teacher in the flesh. The vibes you normally get through the screen will now be real. As if you were going to a concert of your favorite artist, but more interactive. The teacher is the person who may have been ‘ taking you by the hand ‘ for many months through a variety of yoga practices. Your coach, therapist, in what might have been difficult times.

Always returning to your mat and the online lessons of your favorite yoga teacher. The experiences of yogis who have felt this at a Seaze the Day Yoga Event are praising and enthusiastic. There is something magical to practicing yoga together with your favorite yoga teacher and yogis.

‘ The Energy and interaction is overwhelming ‘!


Who is the person behind Yoga with Adriene?

Who is the person behind Yoga with Adriene?


Name: Adriene Mishler

Residence: Texas– US

Yoga style: Vinyasa

Online: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, Find what feels good yoga

‘It is my intention that being true to myself on the mat I am encouraging others to do the same’.

Some facts

We know that Adriene is a friendly online yoga teacher with a successful yoga YouTube channel with more than 3.7 million followers and over 60 million views online. She is from Texas. Has a dog named Benji, which also sometimes appears in her videos. She is half Mexican, half American. But she doesn’t speak Spanish (or Mexican). She jokes about knowing more Sanskrit (ancient India language) than Spanish. And she is also an actress. Absolutely one of the reasons why she moves so naturally in front of the camera.

Your personal friend

Adriene is very comfortable and she makes you feel like that as well. And she is very down to earth, personal and relaxed. With every now and then a funny (or goofy’) remark or ‘mistake’ that wasn’t edited. Like that one time she was sitting on the mat and noticed a toothpaste stain on her sleeve. The way she waved it aside in a really funny and nonchalant way. As if she is your personal friend, and the two of you are having a conversation. And that is probably where her strength lies. The accessibility with which she speaks to you into your life/living room/bedroom. And besides that, she is teaching you a yoga class. A friend who experiences the same things as you. Thereby she doesn’t act as if she’s superior to you. Sometimes she even makes a slip of the tongue. And like You, she also has a ‘bad hair day’.

Challenging yoga? No way.

For sure she does not always feel like doing the most challenging yoga postures. Therefore Adrienes yoga classes are accessible for everyone. From ultimate beginner to advanced. For that reason her personal mantra (like the name of the current Adriene Roadshow) is: Find what feels good. And that is exactly what it is. It has a different meaning for everyone. Adriene invites you to look for it. Be present on the mat and see what happens. Yoga is not about complicated postures or flexibility. It is about being aware and the connection and interaction between body and mind. Take some time for yourself in these hectic times. And don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes yoga is about being quiet and focussing on your breath. And another time it is about going through flowing and dynamic yoga postures, which require your full attention. The point is that you start feeling what you need at that exact moment. It also means being your authentic self.

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is certainly worthwhile trying. We love her yoga classes and style! ♥




From action addiction to Mindfulness and Yoga

From action addiction to Mindfulness and Yoga

We all do it. Every day. At work. At home. In the kitchen. In a traffic jam. In bed …You would probably think it is about ‘breathing’. Well, that is not what I am talking about.

It is about being active on the internet, on your smartphone, laptop, tablet … Day-in-day-out; booking a holiday, searching for a new couch, a recipe for shortbread dough, shoes for the children, new blinds, “just” answering a business mail. It is called Action Addiction.

Action addiction

The internet is fast. It is all happening with one click at the button. The purchase has been made, the information need has been met, the problem has been resolved. Yet the need to solve something quickly pops up again. Addicted to the action itself and to the need to complete something. And when that is “dissolved”, a substance is released in our brains, called dopamine. Dopamine is a substance that belongs to the reward system of the brain. And ensures that we feel satisfied and rewarded. Therefore, we repeat this process so more dopamine is produced in the brain. As a result this makes us feel good. And we want to experience this more often and come into a vicious circle. And with that comes the word “action addiction“.

Turn the tide

We live in a time when we can no longer live without it. Or it seems like that. Recently I had to deal with an electricity failure at home for several hours. No light, electricity, two smartphones with low battery. What now? It actually went very well. It was already dark outside, without the street lights lighting up. Magic. With all candles and flashlights we found we lit up the living room. Because it was New Year’s Eve, we already had the traditional ‘oliebollen’ in the house. Fireplace on. And therefore we had enough food in the house anyway … So “surviving” was no problem at all. It was so nice to feel and experience the ease of having no electricity. We played a board game instead of a Wii game. The children found it all very exciting. Since there was no electricity. Life was fun after all. And it was much more relaxed, without the continuous flow of digital stimuli. Back to basics. PEACE. ‘Go with the flow’. For a moment only dealing with stimuli of a natural kind.

Mindfulness and Yoga

But in fact, that is kind of “cheating”. The ‘being shut off’ of all digital stimuli, when it is already a fact. How does it work when we are in the middle of it? How do we ensure that we do not get carried away in the constant flow of information. Mindfulness brings awareness. When it comes to not giving in to the action addiction, it is important that you get a number of points at a glance:

-Place clear goals that help you to be more focused. Mindfulness helps you realize your goals with more focus and awareness.

Unconscious processes can stand in the way of achieving your goals. By being aware of it, these processes can help you.

Blind focus is something different than combining focus with consciousness. By blindly focusing you lose sight of everything else (consciousness …). And as a result you lose effectiveness.

-It is important that you write down important goals in your work and in your personal life. Formulate them in detail and therefore you positively increase the chances of success.

Finally, yoga helps you to live more in balance. Especially in times of stress, lack of exercise and digital distraction. Disconnect. It helps to harmonize the emotional, mental and emotional aspects of life. Added to that and the list is long.. Yoga will make you a stronger person. Both mentally and physically. It will also improve your circulatory, immunity, fitness. The meaning of life (this might sound heavy) will get to you. And from there you can start releasing turmoil to leading a fulfilling life. Of course this is the ultimate goal. While daily life throws a lot at us it can be hard to stay balanced. But to be conscious every day only for a couple of hours..It’s a start 😉





Yoga is …. healthy green smoothies and pizza

Yoga is …. healthy green smoothies and pizza

What is yoga?

What is yoga all about? It is not a religion. Not a way of life that lectures you to live your life a certain way. Yoga is about life. About me, you, all of us trying to find a way. You do not have to be happy, or stand out, there are no competitions, no medals to be achieved and there is no goal either? So why would you start, you might wonder?

The contemporary Western assumption is that yoga, like all else, is a skill. Looking from the outside, it seems nothing more than a series of funny postures More than postures that help to solve flexibility and stress. I also thought yoga was so black and white. But from the moment of my first training, I realized that there is so much more. Yoga is about diving deep into yourself, knowing who you thought you were, the layers of which you think you should peel off and settle in who you really are. Yoga is about feeling all things and making those feelings happen. Yoga is about discovering the beautiful person you already are, and not hiding it for someone. Yoga is about having good days, having bad days and having days that are a bit of both. Yoga is about seeing yourself in others, even if they make you angry. Yoga is about trying new things – things that make you scared – not getting attached to those things. Yoga is about being honest.

What is true?

So let’s be honest. Yoga is not as beautiful as it looks like on Instagram. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. I have never sweat or cried as much as I have done on my yoga mat except maybe during the birth of my children. These were tears of deep happiness, fatigue and pain. If I say it’s about diving deep into yourself, I mean deeply Sadness is your Joy . I encountered things that I thought I had processed a long time ago. Either way, tucked away deeply. My thoughts, feelings, relationships, conversations, memories, they all come along in the flow of a yoga practice. And the strange thing is, that it’s all amazing! I feel like I’m making progress; I’m getting this new person, this better person. The crazy thing is that I cannot really explain. For family and friends, I am that person talking yoga-talk, trying to get it across. They are politely nodding their head. Clearly don’t have a clue what it is I am talking about. And that is absolutely fine. It is my (yoga) story, my path. And not theirs.

Yoga for YOU

Indeed, yoga can be lonesome. It is an individual exercise, and what you experience on your mat will be very different from what I experience on mine. I always tell my students that there is no wrong or right in yoga – that’s just it. Existence knows no right and wrong There are days I am on my mat and I’m completely distracted by what is going on in my head. And other days I’m on my mat and I can’t get enough of it. In my own practice, I discovered that this loneliness is actually the key to ‘my true self’. What is underneath all those layers. Discovering (time after time) who I really am. And that changes continuously. It’s a process. What am I afraid of? The answer is often: fear. When I have recognized my fear, I can see this fear in others too. And I no longer feel alone. Yoga is about unity. We all have the same emotions that come by day-in-day-out. We all know how it feels to be very sad or to be filled with joy. We do not have the same experiences, backgrounds, but we all feel the same things. And those things I had tucked away very deeply? Well, other people have them too. Yoga helps to bring those things to the surface. Yes, we all have the need to get attached to pain and addicted to putting stuff away. When I realized that it was strange to hold on to “fear” and “sadness” I could let go. Yoga is about purifying emotional luggage to make way for more emotional luggage.

Yoga, a problem solver?

Yoga is certainly not a quick solution. My problems are not resolved when I step off my mat. That is the reason why they call it ‘practice’.  Yoga takes time. And in a fast moving world it is hard to say we have the time. But if I do not have time for myself, what sense does it make? Yoga is difficult. Life is hard. Yoga trains for life. I would not do it if I did not believe in it. Making people more conscious of life, seeing each other and showing understanding towards one another. With teaching yoga and passing it on, I certainly do not have the wisdom in mind. My life is definitely not perfect. And no, I am not always happy. Bringing yoga to the people means giving the things I have learned from it (Svadhayaya). And the bad days are there too, and the moments of doubt and insecurity. Yoga is not about being perfect. Yoga is about balance. Yoga is about drinking healthy green smoothies and eating pizza. Yoga is about finding acceptance in the world, in others, and especially in yourself.