Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

Free Meditation video by Lesley Fightmaster #Internationalyogaday

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Name: Lesley Fightmaster

Hometown: Orange County – California

Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga

What is meditation?

And why is it so good for you? Many people find it woolly or even scary. Meditation is nothing more than consciously bringing your attention inward. That’s it. Maybe this is explaining it too simple , especially for beginners. But there really is something like an indoor-outdoor world. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts all take place in your ‘ inside world ‘. Like intuition for example. It’s what happens on the inside you give you conscious attention during meditation.

There are several meditation techniques. There are concentration meditations, Insight Meditations, and meditations that focus on a specific target. Combinations between these three forms exist as well. To start with meditation, keep it simple. You can sit in a chair, on a cushion on the floor, or lying down is fine too. Make sure you are in a comfortable room, the temperature and odor feel pleasant, and there is not too much noise around you. This all helps to focus on the inside. Helpful is set your alarm clock (use your smartphone for instance). Three minutes is good start. And then…. just start breathing, close your eyes and if you want to put your hands in your lap. Try to observe and let go without judgement. Just be spectator of what is going on in your mind. You don’t have to stop thoughts that come to mind.
You will notice that by the time the alarm goes off, you feel calm, relaxed and you are breathing at a relaxing pace as well. 

Please do have a look in the mirror. Most likely you will see above you have a look in your eyes that resembles piece within.
All these benefits in such a short time. Careful, the feeling becomes addictive ;-).

Some benefits of meditation:

-It provides better focus, concentration, and clarity;

-It enhances creativity and joy;

-It increases your self-esteem and confidence;

-It improves your emotional balance;

-it brings you into contact with your core being;

-it promotes a good night’s sleep;

-it illuminates and prevents tension and stress.

‘ No judgments, just be a spectator of what is going on inside your mind ‘.

Yes, I want to go to the Yoga Weekend of Lesley Fightmaster July 13 & 14 2019

Interview with Lesley Fightmaster

Interview with Lesley Fightmaster


Name: Lesley Fightmaster

Residence: Orange County  – California

Yoga style: Vinyasa-, Yin – and Restorative Yoga

1. What book are you reading right now?

I’m currently working through an Abundance book by John Randolph Price. I’m also listening to “The Power of Vulnerably” by Brené Brown

2. What book do you recommend? (it doesn’t have to be a yoga book)

I am really enjoying Brené Brown’s work and I would recommend anything she’s written.

3. What yoga classes do you follow yourself?

There are some great yoga teachers in Orange County, CA that I enjoy. I take their classes at the studio when I can. I practice at home a lot and instead of following a teacher, I just flow and move for fun. I’ve also been following some of CC’s classes on the “Yoga Dose” YouTube Channel.

4. Who is your favorite yoga teacher?

I have lots of favorites! Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Stephanie Snyder, Janet Stone, Diana Christianson, Kim Haegele, LB Iddings and Courtney Parkyn. 💕

5. Do you also practice other sports besides yoga?

Not really. I do like to hike. I also love riding bikes in Amsterdam!!

6. What’s your dream location for giving a yoga retreat?

For me, it’s really about the people. Any location is wonderful as long as Fightmaster Yogi’s are there!!

7. Do you have a favorite yoga playlist? And would you like to share it?

I usually don’t play music while I teach because I like to concentrate on the breath. However, I do love Deva Premal and sometimes play one of her songs during savasana. She sings like an angel.

8. It is so nice of you to educate and encourage young(er) yogis. What more can we expect in that field?

I really want yogis, especially younger ones, to understand that yoga is not about the pose. Let go of trying to do things perfectly. Practicing yoga is about being present and quieting the mind. When you’re in the present moment and your mind has become quieter, you will connect more and more with your best Self.

9. You have just launched MyYogaPal. What a wonderful way to connect with yogis from all over the world. Can you tell a bit about it?

I’m really excited about MyYogaPal! It’s a wonderful place that includes complete programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis.

The beginner’s program is 30 days long, and the majority of the classes are 15 minutes each. It’s a great way to get started.

The intermediate program is called “Thrive.” It’s a 90-day journey that increases strength, flexibility, and endurance. The classes are each around 20 minutes. Thrive has a perfect mixture of repetition and variety. Students can see their progress quickly.

Our advanced program is called “Shine.” It’s also 90 days and each class is sequenced to a “peak” or challenge pose. The classes are about 60 minutes each because it takes some time to warm up and educate the body for the peak. The pace is a bit slower to focus on taking long, smooth Ujjayi breaths throughout each practice. Similar to Thrive, Shine also incorporates the perfect amount of repetition and variety to support the process of creating muscle memory.

Also on MYP, you’ll find my Align Course and bonus 7-day Chakra classes as well as guided meditations. We just added YogaFix90 by popular MYP student demand!

In addition, we have a wonderful community section of supportive yogis. We added, “Gratitude Corner” where everyone is encouraged to write down 3 things they’re grateful for each day. Actively practicing gratitude is a game changer!

We also started MyYogaPal Perks: bonus classes each month. Members receive a link to the special classes to keep, but they’re only available for a limited time. If you’re not a member when the perk is released, you’ll miss out on it forever!

I know I’ve probably said way too much about MyYogaPal, but as I mentioned, I’m very excited about it. To check it out, visit http://www.myyogapal.com ❤️


Thank you, Lesley, from the bottoms of our ❤️

With Love,
Seaze the Day Yoga Events 🙏