5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

5 reasons to do a Yoga Masterclass

What is the difference between a normal yoga class and a yoga masterclass?

First of all, time. A regular yoga class lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and a yoga master class lasts longer. From half a day to even a few days. But what more to expect?

Below we explain why it’s nice to immerse yourself in a masterclass in yoga practice and more ….

1. In-depth yoga practice

In a Yoga Masterclass, the yoga postures are broken down very thorough in the classroom. And its deeper meaning is explained. The beauty of this in-depth training is that you will experience this the purpose of the postures in your body. The words, the routine you might expect, will feel different. Which will change your own practice and its significance.

2. Longer Practice

As stated in the intro, a master class lasts longer. You will, therefore, have more time to learn the postures. But also to find out more about it. The ‘ moment of truth ‘ is much longer. And you can, as it were, completely sink into the practice. Often, after taking a regular yoga class you have to go away because you have other obligations. You might be on the way to your next appointment or your work. In a masterclass, there is simply… more time. A regular class takes 60 to 90 minutes and a masterclass is usually 3 hours or even longer.


3. Inspiration

Because of the time, the theme and space there are for just you as a human being, you literally get the feeling of a retreat. To immerse yourself in a certain theme (of the masterclass). The background information and the yoga postures that you practice. One great source of inspiration. And don’t just think of ‘ yoga on the mat ‘, but especially ‘ yoga off the mat ‘. The real Yoga practice starts when you get off the mat. It is important to have full attention. To be fully aware. So you have the time to incorporate everything that comes by during the masterclass and take it in like a sponge. And especially to let go and relax. You will feel reborn. Powerful, full of renewed energy and ideas.

4. Community Feeling

The great thing about a masterclass is that everyone attending has consciously chosen to be there. The so-called 3 T’s: Teacher, Time and Theme). The people who are there, in any case, share this with each other. You will get to know new people who experience the same as you, the sense of practicing yoga together. That sense of being together. And practicing yoga together at this level gives a sense of belonging and community-feeling. Everyone ultimately wants to feel connected-whether you are introverted or extroverted.


‘ Everyone wants to feel connected-whether you’re introverted or extroverted-in the end ‘

5. Connect with your favorite Teacher

In the case of our motto: ‘ Online is great, in person is Magic ‘, it is of course great to meet your online yoga teacher in the flesh. The vibes you normally get through the screen will now be real. As if you were going to a concert of your favorite artist, but more interactive. The teacher is the person who may have been ‘ taking you by the hand ‘ for many months through a variety of yoga practices. Your coach, therapist, in what might have been difficult times.

Always returning to your mat and the online lessons of your favorite yoga teacher. The experiences of yogis who have felt this at a Seaze the Day Yoga Event are praising and enthusiastic. There is something magical to practicing yoga together with your favorite yoga teacher and yogis.

‘ The Energy and interaction is overwhelming ‘!


Why ‘ Taking time for yourself ‘ is important!

Why ‘ Taking time for yourself ‘ is important!

Why ' Taking time for yourself ' is important!

Tickets Yoga Masterclass Laura Burkhart

Most people know that taking time for yourself is good for you and is therefore essential for happiness. But do we also take the time to think about what taking care of yourself actually means? You can’t do it by itself, so yes, it’s a matter of learning. Exercise. We all know that you have to eat ‘ healthy ‘. Drink a sufficient amount of water. Sleep enough, meditate and all kinds of other relaxation rituals that let’s you relax. And that is what is going on very often, many people know how it works, what needs to happen and yet many people fail to turn it into deeds. to act accordingly.

Of Course, a drink and dinner with friends and/or loved ones are fun activities to do. But at the same time, it is essential to free up a period of ‘ being with yourself ‘. Give Yourself love. Let’s call it ‘ me-time ‘. Just have time to be, recharge and re-determine who you are and what you are standing for.

What is ‘ me- time’ good for?

– it reboots your brain.

-It helps you (consciously) relax.

-It improves concentration.

-It makes you more productive.

-It gives space to (re) discover yourself.

-It gives time to think deeper (then just finish the to-do lists in your head).

-It’s problem-solving.

-It deepens relationships.

What do we spend our time on?

Most of the time we devote our time to watching TV, socialize (online and live) and communication, sports, and recreation. You understand that when your agenda is tightly planned, there is no time to sit without tasks or assignments on the couch. Without doing anything that immediately yields something. Doing nothing is a profession. That sounds very weird, but try it, you’ll see. There is always a (visible) outcome, or subsequent action required. And, and, and… But there are only 24 hours in a day. Yes really.

The benefits of ‘ me-time ‘ are immediately noticeable

So true! When you spend quality time with yourself, you are instantly a more enjoyable person for your environment. A nicer partner, mother, colleague. And don’t think immediately in ‘ complicated ‘ or precious things. On your free day, just put me-time on your to-do list today. Put on big cattle of tea, go in the bath (yes!) with your favorite bathing salts, good music, do your beauty rituals extended (hair removal, oil, foot/nail care).. you name it. Meditate for a good ten minutes. Without expectations just close your eyes, breathe and let go of everything that comes to mind. Hurray! You will see that this time is so healing for you. These are moments to let go of things or to get inspired just to try something new. These ‘ me-time ‘ moments are entirely at your own discretion. It can also be just sitting on the couch and read the newspaper. Preferably without WiFi, computer and/or smartphone.

Doing nothing is also doing SOMETHING

We say to our children all too often when they are bored. ‘ I don’t need to keep you busy, do I? Feeling bored is a good thing. From doing nothing you learn to think creatively. And yes this also applies to adults. What a revelation. So doing nothing is a good thing. For your mind, new and renewed energy, and for fresh dose of creativity. The beauty of doing nothing is that you always feel: fill in the gab. You also feel recharged. And, try to repress guilt immediately, because me-time is an essential part of life. And a very nice way to get stress free and go lighthearted through life. So it is important that you can be alone. To be able to rely on yourself. Your self-confidence will increase automatically. As well as your self-knowledge. You will also experience more resilience in the flow of life. It’s really okay not to continually fill your life with activities and people. It ultimately makes you a more enjoyable and better person.


‘ Did you know that the lack of privacy/’ time-for-yourself ‘ has a greater influence on an unfortunate marriage, than a bad sex life ‘


Well, that bonus gets you by itself. By planning that deliberate silence and/or ‘ Me-time ‘ you come back to your core. And once again you know what you REALLY like. That sounds very crazy. But because you often live so conditioned, you can lose the essence of your life. So very basic questions can surface like: ‘ What Kind of food do I really enjoy? ‘. Without the pedantic voice in your head and without all the arguments why you aren’t allowed to eat that favorite food, or ‘ because you always do it.. ‘.

The well-known voice, of course, can delude all kinds of things. For example-in the case of the type of foods:
– Because the ingredients are very hard to get;
– It takes forever to prepare;
– Because I just don’t have the time.

The latter is a nice bridge to ask for and also to end with.
Why don’t you actually have time for it?
Don’t you want to give yourself this extra time?
Of course, you can give yourself this time! And it will make you feel delighted. And you’re going to radiate.

And like that famous advertisement reads: ‘ Because you’re worth it ‘. Exactly!

Interview with Laura Burkhart

Interview with Laura Burkhart

Interview with Laura Burkhart

‘Sparkling personality. Does not believe in long complicated practices anymore. Every day is a different day, go with the flow’
Tickets Yoga Masterclass Laura Burkhart


Name: Laura Burkhart

Residence: San Francisco – US

Yoga style: Fluid meditative Vinyasa

Online: Grokker, Yoga Vibes, My Yoga Work

How do you spice up your life?

I am sort of a workaholic, but in a healthy way nowadays. I used to be a workaholic in a very unhealthy way. I have been working 7 days a week for a long time. I found out that it was about owning my life and my yoga practice. My practice has changed over the years. I think it is ‘older and wiser’. I can listen much better to what my body and mind need at that moment. It is really about a change of focus. Really listening to my body. Some 10-15 years ago everything was much more physical in my practice. And when I had to deal with injuries, that changed. What did my body and mind need? That was tuning in. Being in tune with my body. Today my yoga practice consists of a much more simple content. I used to put a lot of effort into yoga practice and teachings by adding interesting additions and choreography. But now I can truly enjoy the simplicity of a block supporting bridge pose. Which really feels fantastic! In my personal life, I like to take long walks. It really unwinds and sometimes during those walks, I come up with ideas for myself but also for others. It is both relaxing and creative at the same time. It is one of my favorite things to do. And walking beside the ocean is also something I love to do. The sound of the ocean is so calming and meditative. And that is also the case with swimming. I really like swimming. It is like moving meditation. I always find out I should swim more often because I like it so much J. I also get really excited about being busy with new projects. Because of my creative background, I like to create things, but also for others. Working together without competition is so meaningful. And last but not least, meeting/catching up with friends is also what I love to do!



When did you really need yoga?

It started with a few lessons because I suffered from stress and stomach/colon problems. I missed dancing and the movement, due to my dancers’ background. Yoga combined the movement ánd deeply breathing. It really helped me in dealing with my issues. As a result, I felt clarity, space, and peace. Peace of mind more importantly. I followed five internships and when I reached the fifth: a PR marketing position, I started volunteering in India. When I came back really ill I switched to fully commit to yoga. Meanwhile, transforming from a student to a yoga teacher, I started working with Jason Crandell. It is so inspiring working together with him. The people I attract in my classes love to have fun and work hard. Yoga is such a natural and healthy way of dealing with stress. A very common fact in our society, because of the high expectations. Going to a yoga retreat is also a fun vacation but in a healthy way. Guiding people in a fluid yoga practice is what I love to do most. Music plays a big part in this as well. The combination is magical.


What advice would you give to people?

Society plays a very big role in our behavior. What you should and should not do. You can say that I am an advocate for removing layers. Start with that. Who are you really from the inside? Start peeling away and see who you really are. And connect with it. Be authentic. Go to that fire inside of you. What moves you? Instead of denying, start feeling from the inside out. Connect with your inner fire. We all have a talent. It is so important to start to identify. You can help yourself and others with your talent. Think big. However, you will have to believe in it. Be clear in what you believe and what you are wishing for. We all want something different. Help yourself, but also ‘How can I help others’. Am I good to myself, am I a good friend, am I a good partner, mother, sister.. and so on. Life is too short. Nothing else matters.

Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of our hearts!


Julia & Brechje