Yoga en technologie: een goeie combi?

Yoga en technologie: een goeie combi?

Yoga wordt al eeuwenlang beoefend. In verschillende vormen, vanuit verschillende hoeken en van uiteenlopende guru’s. De yoga filosofie is volgens onderzoekers steeds mondeling aan volgende generaties doorgegeven. In het westen is yoga al ruime tijd in populariteit aan het stijgen. Een middel om te onthaasten, stress kwijt te raken en geconcentreerder terug te keren naar de steeds voller wordende agenda. We leven in een wereld, waarbij alles opgelost moet worden. En het moet makkelijker en sneller. Auto’s, internet, afvallen.. Er is haast en weinig geduld. En er moeten resultaten worden geboekt.

Yogawereld van nu

In de yogawereld verandert er ook veel. De matten, kleding, props, de talloze yoga apps. Yoga op een surfplank, op een zeiljacht, in het donker. Het is allemaal goed. ‘Go with the flow’ zoals dat heet. Met de tijd meegaan én niet blijven hangen in het verleden. Leven en bewegen in het NU.

‘ Persoonlijk denk ik dat het bij yoga niet gaat om het behalen van resultaten ’

‘Smart’ Yogamat

Echter, een nieuwe uitvinding heeft me aan het denken gezet. Namelijk die van de Smart Yogamat. Een mat met ingebouwde sensoren, die je in contact moet brengen met een tablet of smartphone. De mat gebruikt beeld en geluid en helpt je met het verbeteren van je eigen practice. Tijdens je practice krijg je meteen terugkoppeling en worden je ‘resultaten’ bijgehouden door middel van de software. Is dat wat ik wil? Het idee dat “iets” mij beoordeelt en mijn resultaten bijhoudt. Persoonlijk denk ik dat het bij yoga niet gaat om het behalen van resultaten. Natuurlijk is het goed om jezelf uit te dagen. Maar het idee dat er door middel van software in een yogamat behaalde resultaten worden bijgehouden, zit me niet lekker. Het beïnvloedt je en door de resultaten ga je wellicht toch ‘in je hoofd’ zitten.

Yoga zonder oordelen

Yoga brengt je terug naar de basis; jouw eigen persoonlijke basis op dat specifieke moment. Zonder te oordelen voelen wat er in je practice gebeurt. Ook gaat het om grenzen verkennen, lichtheid creëren in je lichaam door middel van de asana’s en pranayama. Loskomen van de ‘Mind’. Als ik voor mijzelf spreek hoort daar geen resultaatgericht schema bij. Wat vind jij? Denk jij dat deze technologie recht doet aan de yoga filosofie?



Yoga Mats: 5 good-things-to-know

Yoga Mats: 5 good-things-to-know

Yoga Mats: 5 good-things-to-know

Your first yoga mat. You usually buy them when you're hooked. in other words; You are fond of yoga and following lessons.

Yoga mats

The mats in the studio are fine. But its own mat is also pleasant and hygienic. My first yoga mat I bought in a drugstore. In the discount corner. Not very expensive, beautiful turquoise color. I still remember my first mat. I was very happy with my profitable purchase. When I told fellow yogis about my new mat, I soon learned that I might be looking for another yoga mat in the near future. Why? Because there are a lot of things you can look out for.


1. Thickness

The thickness of the mat is very important since you hold some yoga shapes longer sometimes. This is the case for instance with Yin Yoga, a yoga style where you can take yoga postures for a long time. You have mats ranging between 4 and 6 mm. Important to watch out for when you are an avid Yin yoga practitioner.

2. Grip

The grip on a yoga mat is especially important to not glide away with your hands or feet during yoga postures. This is especially noticeable if, for example, you get moist hands of sweat. A mat with good grip, really makes the difference. Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga are, for example, styles where good grip is very important.

3. Material

They can be made from different materials. Today, of course, it is also important whether they are manufactured on a sustainable basis. There are several brands on the market, which make durable mats of natural PVC. This material is durable and therefore lasts a long time >, 10 years. The grip is fantastic and for all types of yoga to use. There are also mats made of natural rubber. The lifespan of these mats is about 5 years. The material is very rough, which can be very difficult for ‘ gliding ‘. Think of, for example, yoga postures, which flow smoothly. Personally, the smell of rubber is not very pleasant. The opinions are divided over it, the strong ‘ rubber smell ‘ will eventually also wear off. It is also possible to combine materials. For example the combination of natural rubber or PVC with environmentally friendly polyurethane.

4. Color

There is no argument about taste. And the same also applies to colour. In yoga, it is about living/feeling in the moment. A color in which you felt comfortable five years ago can currently not feel right at all. Follow your intuition when choosing a color.


5. Brands

There are many different yoga brands, which make beautiful mats, with all good qualities.

Liforme; Very fine mats, they have done a lot of research into the combination: 100% grip and 100% eco/sustainable. These mats are not cheap; 129.50 EUR. There are also lines on these mats, to support your yogapractice; AlignForMe. And there is the possibility to choose a broader and/or longer yoga mat. Standard size: Length: 185 cm, Width: 68 cm.

Manduka; Also has very fine traditionally rugged rubber mats. READ: Heavy quality. This is or was in the transport to and from a studio still heavy. Manduka has lighter mats in the assortment. For example the Manduka prolite: 68.50 EUR.

-Lulu Lemon; has very fine ‘ sticky ‘ mats. This brand has a so-called ‘ reversible mat ‘ of 5 mm (quite thick, so very fine for hips, knees) in the assortment. This mat can be used on both sides, during a different yoga routine. Disadvantage Oil, grease and-sweat stains remain visible spots. And if you accidentally scratch your mat with your nail, this is a lasting streak. The reversible mat you buy for 60.00 EUR.

-Love generation; Has fine yoga mats for not much money. They say that these mats can be washed in the washing machine, at even 60 degrees! Anti-slip and sticky is in the properties. My own experience says that you must be a real anti-skid at other yoga brands. Prima Beginnersmat, for only 22.50!


For cleaning all kinds of yoga mats is actually the same. Do not clean with harsh cleaning products. Preferably clean with a ‘ green ‘ soapy water or just lukewarm water. It is also advised to clean up with a tea tree oil. I personally do not recommend using this with the Lulu Lemon mats, since oil slicks remain visible on this.


Power Yoga; For stronger muscles and spirit

Power Yoga; For stronger muscles and spirit

Power Yoga: For stronger muscles and mind

What’s Power yoga exactly and what is the difference with traditional yoga?

The name already says it a little… Power Yoga is a form of yoga that puts emphasis on movement and has an energetic and powerful style. In this yoga, less meditation takes place than in the other styles. The focus in these sessions is more on flexibility and strengthening of the muscles. It is also a part of increasing self-control. Power Yoga is perfect for people who are looking for a real workout or who want to maintain their athletic physique for example.

Power Yoga does not have a specific sequence of exercises. This allows each session to be completely different. This depends very much on the yoga teacher and what exercises he or she chooses. This makes following power yoga very varied and interesting.

Power Yoga Exercises

The exercises from which the sessions of power Yoga exist are specially selected with a focus on building strength, concentration and flexibility. Practicing this yoga form you strengthen your core muscles. This powerful workout also ensures the burning of many calories. Weight loss can therefore be a goal of performing power yoga.

Power Yoga Exercises

The exercises from which the sessions of power Yoga exist are specially selected with a focus on building strength, concentration and flexibility. Practicing this yoga form you strengthen your core muscles. This powerful workout also ensures the burning of many calories. Weight loss can therefore be a goal of performing power yoga.

Other goals of Power yoga

Power Yoga provides a transformation in body and mind. You will be stronger and flexible while you relax and remain stress free.

Another goal of power yoga is to increase endurance. You get stronger by performing a series of breath-coordinated exercises. It is important to use the correct form and breathing techniques. You hold each pose for a certain amount of time after which you will be fluent in the next pose. These exercises are generally physically challenging so that it takes the full concentration on your body, both for holding a pose, and passing it into a next posture.

Using this self-control and concentration when performing the exercises your body becomes stronger and more flexible. To improve muscle flexibility, this style can also be applied in a heated room.

Although this challenging form of yoga does not emphasize meditation, it is sometimes done at the end of the session. This way you can calmly reflect on your previous session and exercises. This type of yoga exercise is a very flexible training that allows practitioners to focus their training on their physical and emotional needs.

Sustainable life: 15 tips to put you in a row!

Sustainable life: 15 tips to put you in a row!

Sustainable life: 15 tips to put you in a row!

What is sustainable life actually? Very simple; long-term and not perishable. And, it means: don't burden the environment.

Sustainable Living

Why is it so important? I have heard the terminology for years. But the sheer necessity of it is becoming (painful) clearer to me. Above all after seeing the documentary Plastic Planet.


Plastic problem

Plastic is everywhere. Wherever you look around you. Examine your own house once more. From bottom to top. And you’ll be amazed at how empty your house actually is, without this plastic. A derivative of it: Bakelite was invented in 1909 by a Belgian scholar. It has become the biggest problem on Earth by now. How are we going to handle all that plastic. Nature ‘ does not want it ‘.


Sustainable life, expensive?

Of course, more sustainable life is more than just ‘ reducing plastic ‘. It is about nature conservation, animal welfare, environment and climate and fair trade. Like with so many problems; Start with yourself, keep it small. Becoming aware is already something. So the steps below are already fantastic. And do not have to be expensive.


  1. do not eat meat for more thenone day in the week. Did you know that the meat industry is the largest environmental polluter?
  2. Choose local products. There is even a calendar for:
  3. Go to a Nature Shop instead of the normal grocery shop. There you can find products with a hallmark for fair trade or durability.


  1. Don’t do the laundry too hot. Wash only bed linen/towels at a higher temperature.
  2. Choose ecological and/or natural detergents. Seepje has naturally made detergent.
  3. Use the dryer less often. As long as it is nice weather hang your clothes to dry outside 😉
  4. Turn your heating slightly lower (wear a vest or sweater). It’s really cheaper and energy efficient.
  5. Separate your garbage. Depends on each municipality. Separating waste: Green/garden, rest, plastic and paper.
  6. Replace your lights in the house with LED lights. Nowadays there are ‘ warm tones ‘ LED lights available. They last longer than the regular incandescent bulbs.


10 take the bike more often. Also good for your condition, you immediately grab your daily portion movement/nature/outdoors. 30 minutes outside in nature

11 switch from bank. There are several ‘ green ‘ and sustainable banks, which are transparent. and show you what they invest in.

12 Select (more often) for Slow fashion . Durable and ethically responsible clothing. The clothing industry is a very polluting industry. I have recently replaced some basic items in my wardrobe with durable items. The quality is great.

13. Replace disposable cleaning cloths for cotton wipes, which can then be washed again.

14. Replace your toothbrushes with durable specimens. I bought the toothbrush from Humblemanufactures of 100% degradable bamboo.

15. Do not buy or demand plastic bags in the shop. Always make sure you have a foldable bag with you. I bought a nice cotton copy at the Hema with the text: This is not a plastic bag.

How do I actually do it?

Me and my family practice every day and we learn every day Just imagine everyone in the Netherlands doing a large number of things from this list. Which makes 17 million people. What do you think this means for the world. Of course, it’s all about getting people (children) acquainted with the problems. Start at the core. Schools that do not drop soft drinks vending machines with plastic bottles, but sign an agreement with for example FindTap. These are refill stations for water. Just refilling water with your own durable glass bottle. And, you immediately address the ‘ wrong sugars ‘ problem. By means of an app you can see where the nearest ‘ water station ‘ is. This is, of course, one of the many initiatives in the field of sustainability and environmental preservation. It’s a challenging time, with great nature-/en environmental problems, but at the same time the solutions and ideas are great. Sustainable living does not have to be more expensive. In this dynamic time, in which everything is constantly on the move, it is quite pleasant to pause occasionally. and zoom in on your own life.

How do I actually do it?

What is my legacy? Very mindful too. Mindful break

We love to hear from you how you see this?

Flavourites LIVE: Offline shopping at the best online shops!

Flavourites LIVE: Offline shopping at the best online shops!

Offline shopping at the best online shops!

The most beautiful products in the field of fashion, design and interior can be found on Flavourites LIVE

Feel Good Shopping

So just before all the holidays the tenth edition of Flavourites LIVE will take place again! And with 130 selected web shops, the event offers a wide range of fun clothes and goodies. The industrial Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord is transformed into a true shop-palace, where you will succeed. Besides the necessary Christmas purchases, you can also go for a variety of activities. While you enjoy live performances, various creative workshops are given and you get the chance to meet designers.

Mindfulness Break

Seaze the Day Yoga Events is also available to join you in a shop break. We will teach you how to find your inner peace in 10 minutes. Let yourself be guided during a deep meditation that recharges you and can apply anywhere and anytime. This way, mind and body can relax and enjoy all the beauty on Flavourites LIVE. A ticket for such a special 10-Minute-Mindfulness-Break costs €5,-and simply order online. The sessions are given every day between 11.00-16.00 hours; The moment you choose on the spot. At the door, ticket are available as well, but note: The spots are limited!

23 till 25 November, is it already in your diary?

You have three days the chance to visit the Web shops from 23 to 25 November. Flavourites LIVE takes place in the industrial Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord. Are you ready for some quality shopping time?

Tickets for a day of shopping

Order below the Flavourites LIVE ticktets of 11.00 and the mindfulness Break of 5.00 euro.
With who are you going to enjoy a wonderful day?

We’ll see you there!

What do we tell our children?

What do we tell our children?

I am writing this blog with tears in my eyes. My daughter is also 10 years young and a fan of Ariane Grande. And yes, she too wanted to go to the concert last week in Ziggo Dome. Too young we said. Naturally, we would have gone with her if she would have been somewhat older.

Two years ago a accompanied my girl to a Violetta concert in Ahoy Rotterdam Together with her friends and their mommies. Full of anticipation, cheerful chatter in the back seat in the car and the incessant singing of songs by Violetta and her crew. Would there be t-shirts for sale? Or other gadgets to enrich the Violetta collection. For an hour and a half a singing and dancing spectacle with incessant screams of young girls. My ears whizzed, but I liked it so much because she loved it so much!

That smiling face. From start to finish she sat motionless in her chair, looking intently at everything that went on stage. She is so innocent and sweet,” I thought when I looked at my daughter unobtrusively from the corner of her eye. I quickly took a picture of her, to capture the moment. “What is it, she asked?” “Nothing, I said, I love you.” What was going on in her head? ‘This is magic, what I be able to do what Violetta can’, perhaps..?

Of the children who died in Manchester, the parents will never know. They can not ask for it anymore. These thoughts remain in my head.

What do we tell our children?

“It is (kind of) safe in our Western free world?” Yes, I keep saying that and leave “sort of” away. I refuse to let them, who spread contemptible and hateful sowing ideologies, make innocent victims, and take away my free spirit.
One who believes in the power of love, freedom and happiness to be found in the connection of beautiful people, to realize dreams, to give and to receive love.

From here to the infinite.

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only LIGHT can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only LOVE can do that’.
– Martin Luther King