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Meet Julia & Brechje and why we love hosting Yoga events?

We believe in lifting each other up and giving back to society by sharing the tools and wisdom of the practice of yoga.

We do so by hosting only the world’s finest & inspiring (online) yoga teachers/ Influencers that help re-connect, encourage personal growth and we provide them with a LIVE stage to meet their tribe.

We like to go above and beyond so we choose only the most inspiring places to share our events with the world.

We are a world class Yoga Events/Retreats organization

Magical moments we managed to capture of the 2-day yoga masterclass that we hosted for Lesley Fightmaster! Enjoy watching 🙂

  •   Indoor Events 80%
  • Outdoor Events 30%
  • Personalized Events 20%
  • Personalized Events 20%