General conditions

General conditions Seaze the Day Yoga Events

Article 1: Registration

The registration to participate in Seaze the Day Yoga Event is done by filling out and submitting the online registration form that is published on the website of Seaze the Day Yoga Events (hereafter referred to as ‘Seaze the Day Yoga Events’.

By submitting the online registration form, the applicant accepts Seaze the Day YE’s offer and confirms the agreement. This agreement is subject to the as outlined in the General Conditions.

The online registration submitted through the website is a binding agreement, even though it is not accompanied with a signature. The (main) applicant provides all necessary personal information regarding his/her own person as well as the details of any accompanying participants at the designated fields of the online registration form.

All information requested at the online registration form is necessary for the organization to present the Yoga Event in an orderly fashion. Of course, all information submitted is dealt with confidentially.

By submitting the online registration form, the applicant agrees to pay the participation fee of the Event.


Article 2: Payment

The participation fee of the main applicant as well as any accompanying participant(s) has to be fully paid when registrating for the event. After payment you will receive a confirmation by email.


Article 3: Event Fee

The Event provides the participant with a clear overview of the event fee and all items covered by this fee. In case participants would like to take on additional travel- and/or cancellation insurance when travelling from abroad, which Seaze the Day recommends, participants are kindly referred to independent insurance companies of their own choosing. Furthermore, the Event could request participants to pay additional fees during the Yoga Event for services that are not included in the participation fee such as lunch, a massage, private yogasession.


Article 4: Information

A yoga Event requires good preparation. All up-to-date information is published on the Seaze the Day YE’s website,

Seaze the Day YE recommends all participants to be well informed about the Event before arrival.


Article 5: Cancellation
Tickets that have been purchased through can be cancelled up to 14 days after purchase.


Article 6:

The cancellation fee is fixed and based on the date that the cancellation is made known to Seaze the Day YE.

The cancellation fee is as follows:

Cancellations up to 14 days before the start of the Event: 50% of the Event fee;
Cancellations up to 8 days before the start of the Event: 75% of the Event fee;
Cancellations from 7 days before and up to the start of the Event: 100% of the Event fee;
Seaze the Day YE has to receive all cancellations by email. The cancellation date is the date that this cancellation is received by Seaze the Day YE. In case the written cancellation is sent outside office hours, the first following working day is the cancellation date.


Article 8: Amendments by Seaze the Day Yoga Events.

Seaze the Day YE has the right to cancel and/or amend the agreement with the applicant in case of extraordinary circumstances. In case of such circumstances, Seaze the Day YE will notify the applicant within 7 working days after these circumstances appear. In the event that the Event is cancelled, the Event fee is returned to the applicant, unless there is an agreement that the payment is transferred to another Seaze the Day YE.