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Seaze Favs

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“Most online yoga is broad and unstructured. Students are anonymous. There’s zero accountability or support. In my community, Uplifted, we’re an interactive YOGA FAMILY. Instead of one way viewing, you’ll learn through personalized feedback. Instead of guessing what class to do next, you’ll practice in a motivated community with training plans and challenges. We’re an incredible group of yogis, rocking our lives, on and off the mat. This is your invite to come check it out.”

– Brett Larkin

This is why Brett Larkin Yoga is a Seaze favorite.

Lesley Fightmaster
“When Seaze the Day Yoga Events invited me to come to Amsterdam I immediately said Yes to this opportunity. I loved meeting my fans. Julia & Brechje were so precious and took such good care of me. I lead a breath-focused, alignment based class that combined my deep love of movement with the practice of yoga. I believe that the transformational gift of yoga should be available to as many people at possible.”
– Lesley Fightmaster
“Practicing with Lesley left us with a feeling of being ready to live our dream life from the heart. This is why Lesley is a Seaze favorite!”
-Julia & Brechje