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Seaze the day searches and selects the best national and international yoga teachers and yoga platforms for you.
Whether you are looking for lessons because you suffer from back pain or want to relax before bedtime. We have found them for you so that you can follow the best yoga classes online for free as well as paid lessons, in your own time, at home or on the road.
We not only search for the best yoga teachers for you but also organize inspirational events with them. A day on which you can personally meet your favorite yoga teacher, ask questions and follow lessons. Always in an inspiring location and with a surprising program


  • Indoor Events 80%
  • Outdoor Events 30%
  • Personalized Events 20%
  • Personalized Events 20%

Who we are

‘Would it not be fantastic if we could built the bridge from online influential yoga teachers who are sending out a strong message for a positive lifestyle, healing by practicing yoga & more to a LIVE stage’.

And so Seaze the Day Yoga Events was born.

Yoga LIVE Together!

We organize Feel Good Yoga Events!

We build the bridge for online yoga teachers to a LIVE event!

These inpirational influencers send out a stong message for a lifestyle in self – love and the influence this has on the environment you function in by practicing yoga.
We want to do nothing more than give these incredible minds a stage because nothing in the world gives a deeper sense of wholeness and connection than a practicing yoga live together.
The chemistry and energy that comes from practicing yoga together is miraculous.
We wish to reach as many people possible to bring about positive vibes in the world!

Please join us for a yoga event of a lifetime 🙂