And that is so OK! Referring to the title of this blog. And I don’t feel ashamed? Not anymore. And that is exactly what it is. It is from my own experience, that I naturally felt guilt. I don’t know what it is. ‘I didn’t practice this 120 min advanced yoga class..’ Why do I feel this enormous guilt? Because of high and unreachable expectations we have/I have (had..;). A (yogini/teacher/entrepreneur) mother of three kids, a husband that works (very hard!) out of the house. Living a busy life, with (school) schedules of five individuals (!!), building up a start-up company, working from home. A women’s thing? From an early age on I have felt the need to prove myself, the need to accomplish, perfect, gain…. Only reading this already feels exhausting. So I no longer do that shi.. Why? I did a lot of soul searching, reading, practicing Yoga in all kinds of ways, that have brought me this simple clarity.

Daily practice

Of course I practice daily. But not your 4 hours a day yoga regimes. Sometimes it means a 10 minutes meditation, a 15 min sun salutation A/B…Alternated with strong Vinyasa flows and softer Yin practice. I literally ‘go with the flow’. A well-known phrase that really is apllicable in a busy household. I have no choice, but to surrender. And that is 100% ok. A 10 min meditation can give me the same ‘cheer’ as a 120 min sweaty strong Vinyasa practice.

You are Nature

It is like the seasons. The changing of the seasons. We eat different foods in winter time then in summer time. Why? Because our bodies simply need different nutrients. Traditionally we cannot harvest apples in March.. That is the beauty of nature, it “knows” exactly what it needs at what time. We –as human beings- sometimes forget that we ARE nature as well. We forget that everything in nature has a reason. There is nature logic in that.

So all you yogi moms working from home. Here is the bottom-line; keep listening, moving with your environment, feeling, stop pushing in unnatural ways. You “accomplish” more, when listening to your own nature.