Learning to let go of my thoughts and emotions is a process of exploring what certain emotions are doing to me (and others) and for me, and then deciding whether I want to keep the emotion or to let it go. It is important to recognize that my ego does not want to let go of, much less acknowledge, certain feelings. My ego has an investment in holding on and maintaining a pretense. My ego wants to be right, and my ego would rather justify keeping my feelings no matter how destructive they are to my peace of mind. No one is going to talk me out of my feelings. But when I can fully evaluate what my negative thoughts and emotions are doing to me and for me, then I (not my ego) can make the decision whether to let go. To fully evaluate my emotions is to understand that the only obstacle to letting go is fear. I am afraid of what will happen or what will continue to happen. But when I look closely and honestly, what I am afraid will happen is already happening.

The truth is I want peace of mind and the truth is that holding on to my negative feelings is the source of my unhappiness. When I seek peace outside of myself, I am destined to be continually upset. That is because my ego’s game is simply ‘keep trying to change things that cannot change’. My ego actually believes that holding on to my negative feelings is what’s going to create change ‘so keep working on the feelings but do not let them go’. My ego does not want me to recognize that my happiness is available to me right here and no wand is a function of letting go of my negative feelings.
There is certainly nothing ‘wrong’ with striving or asking for what I want and to establish positive conditions in my life, but the simple truth is that my happiness is not dependent on it. In actual fact, if there is any one obstacle to having the things I truly want, it is because I am not in touch with my own joy and happiness. My first order of business is therefore ‘be happy’ and all good things will follow.